De “Movestyle” teaser trailer voor Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

De “Movestyle” teaser trailer voor Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Team Reptile heeft een nieuwe “Movestyle” teaservideo uitgebracht voor de graffiti-actie-avonturengame Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, die fans een frisse kijk op de game geeft en de toevoeging van skateboarden en BMX bevestigt inline skaten.


Director Dion Koster talked about Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

First off a shout out to Bx’treme who made the track AGUA we used. I got to admit I didn’t know where the samples were from but it sure sounded dope. Google ‘Agua’ for a quick surprise.

As you know BRC is a game about the street. Wherever you are from, chances are you grew up going out to the local skatepark, scratching your name on the bins at school or hanging out at the mall, dancing, before heading back home to do some extreme tricks in your favorite video game. Maybe it got you to the point that you are now hitting up the big spots in your own way! Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a big street culture symphony of these feelings. In that spirit I have decided to include skateboarding, BMX and inline skating in the game.

With this teaser we are giving you a heads up, the way that you move around is important. Style is not only about appearance. Many secrets can be found by getting points and doing combos throughout the stage. You will be outstyling the other crews after you bombed their turf to take what’s theirs. Skateboarding, inline and BMX are represented with real life tricks to play into this. After going off you’ll be able to switch back to regular ol’ feet anytime you want to get down to the beat.

This year, we are going in hard to finish the game. Thank you for your patience! As always, no weak shit.

First and foremost, a shout out to Bx’treme, who created the AGUA tune we utilized. I’ll confess that I had no idea where the samples came from, but they sounded great. For a fast surprise, type ‘Agua’ into Google.

BRC is, as you may know, a game about the streets. Regardless of where you grew up, chances are you spent your childhood going to the local skatepark, scratching your name on the school bins, or dancing at the mall before returning home to execute some crazy stunts in your favorite video game. Maybe it helped you get to the point where you’re now going to the major sites on your own! Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a massive symphony of these emotions in the street culture. In that vein, I’ve chosen to incorporate skateboarding, BMX, and inline skating as game modes.

With this teaser, we’re letting you know that the way you move about is crucial. Style is more than just a matter of look. Throughout the level, collecting points and performing combinations will reveal several surprises. After bombing their land to grab what’s theirs, you’ll be outstyling the other groups. Skateboarding, inline skating, and BMX are all portrayed with real-life stunts. You’ll be able to switch back to plain ol’ feet whenever you want to get down to the rhythm once the alarm goes off.

We’re going all out this year to win the game. Thank you for being so patient! There will be no weak stuff, as usual.

Over Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is een zeer verfijnde funkstijl van 1 seconde per seconde van Team Reptile.

Begin je eigen code en dans, schilder, maak grappen, vecht tegen de politie en claim de extrusies en holtes van een enorme stad in een alternatieve toekomst die zich afspeelt op de muzikale hersengolven van Hideki Naganuma.

In 2022 wordt Bomb Rush Cyberfunk uitgebracht op Nintendo Switch.